Funtain Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Pad



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Your swimming pool is not meant only for swimming. You can lazily float in the water too and bask in the sun too! Get the inflatable float that is shaped like an avocado with seed in. Float on the water in your swimming pool with it, and if you get bored, detach the beach ball from the float, and you will have a beach ball to play along with. It can be used by both kids and adults.


Grab the best inflatable outdoor fountain pad for kids

The Avocado shaped inflatable float can bear the weight of adults and kids.
It has a diameter of seventy inches and can tolerate up to 330 pounds.
An inflator weighing 3.5 pounds comes along with the inflatable float.
The float works with or without the inflatable brown beach ball.
Ideal for swimming pool use only. You can detach the ball and carry it to the beach.

Extra Information

  • The inflatable size of the inflated float is 6x5x14 inch
  • The seed of the avocado (beach ball) can be removed and is inflatable too.
  • It is made of excellent quality material.


What type of water pipe suitable to use in this splash pad?

The inflatable splash pad does not need specific water pipes. You can use the normal daily use hose or pipes that you use for watering the garden or washing your car.

How many kids can be in it at one time?

The splash sprinkler pad can accommodate two adults and two kids at one time. If it is only children, over six kids can enjoy and have a happy time on the sprinkler pad.

Is the splash pat easy to assemble?

There is no tough assembly as such for the splash pad. Just follow the instruction and you will find it easy to use.

Can I adjust the splash pad to spray higher?

The splash pad has good water pressure and there is no need for you to adjust the pressure in it. The water pressure is created when you and your kids stamp on it.


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