SportSplash Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops with inflator



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Having an inflated baby pool at home for your toddlers and kids is an old school practice. Get the sprinkler fountain pad and watch your little one safely play in the water. Bests for outdoor gardens and backyards.


Adults and kids can have fun together in pool now!

Outdoor water fountain pad / disc that is inflatable – best for backyards and lawns.
This inflated pad is a safe and best water game for toddlers and kids who love to play in the water but do not know how to swim.
Each fountain pad can accommodate two adults and two kids.
The pad can be used for your dogs to play with too.
It is the latest water game that all kids will enjoy.

Extra Information

  • The pool volleyball and basketball set is made of high-quality material.
  • A repair set is given along with the inflatable set so that some wear and tear does not make it go waste. 
  • Safe for kids who know how to swim in the pool.


Whats the best way to blow up?

There are a lot of inflatable pieces in the volleyball and basketball float set. Luckily, you get a good inflator along with it. Use that inflator to blow the floaties up

How do you set up it?

Setting up the volleyball and basketball set is easy. Use the inflator that comes along with it to inflate it and follow the instruction given to set it up.

How durable are the volleyball net and basketball hoop?

The volleyball and basketball set is extremely durable for normal use. Take good care of it and place it in a proper storage after use. The set comes with a repair kit too.

Can this be played with in the lake?

Certainly not. The inflatable float set is a pool float and is designed to be fixed in the pool. Do not take to the lake as it could be dangerous for you and the product too.


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